On October 29th, we welcomed our first visitors to the Deer Valley #31 jobsite: students from the Sonoran Foothills Robotics class! The 7th and 8th grade students listened to a presentation from project team members including the ADM Group architects, the engineering team from Hilgart Wilson and Connor, the project manager from CHASSE! We discussed topics including the use of sustainable building materials, utility set-up for future expansion, ADA accommodations and the complex steps taken during the earthwork phase of the project.

After the presentation, we put on our PPE and headed out for a quick tour of the jobsite, which is in the earthwork and early concrete phases. The students were able to see a concrete pour first-hand, in addition to seeing the site grading work that was discussed during the presentation!

Thank you Sonoran Foothills students for visiting our site. We loved getting to teach you more about the construction process and showing you the new school we’re building for your district!