Can you believe it’s already time for our last update of 2019?!

Our crews have made great progress in the last few months. The masons have topped out Building 300, which means they’ve completed the building’s structure, and are going vertical on Buildings 100, 200, and 400. The steel contractor has completed the first floor and roof structure and is currently welding the 1st floor deck. Work continues on the 60″ storm drain on the east end of the site. The electricians and plumbers are completing their shallow underground work in each building and the concrete subcontractor is on deck to pour the the slab and slab on deck in Building 300.

Remember our visit from the students in the Robotics Club at Sonoran Foothills Elementary School? This month they invited us to their campus to preview their idea for the Robotics Competition. It was a very neat idea to help one of their fellow classmates! Very cool from these future leaders!