We’re Going Vertical!

Woohoo! The masonry walls are going vertical on Building 300, which is one of the classroom buildings!

Stem walls have been set and grouted at Building 100, 200, and 400. A stem wall is a short concrete or masonry wall extending from the footing to a little above grade (ground level) and is often backfilled on both sides to allow a concrete slab floor to be poured – so a stem wall is basically is a ‘stem’ that connects a footing AKA the ‘root’, to the building. Our QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control) Manager came out to the site today and reviewed the installation of the CMU stem walls with his Trimble Total Station. We check the corners of the stem walls on the X, Y, and Z axes to ensure they are installed exactly how they’re designed. It’s a great opportunity to check the concrete and masonry installation before we get too far along and helps us avoid costly re-work!

Next up, masonry walls will begin on Building 200 and slab prep will begin on Building 100. A 60″ wide storm drain is being installed on the south end of the site. Next week, our team will pour the Building 100 concrete slab and the Building 300 masonry will be complete on 12/6/2019. We call this a topping out and we love to celebrate this on site!